Интерьер дома на колесах

Interpreter At Home On Wheels

On the Internet, pictures of the most expensive house on the wheels in the world, valued at $3 million.

This is the EleMMento Palazzo, representing a 2-stage mobile mansion with a length of 12 metres and a weight of 28 tons. Drives a moving house on the wheels of 600-powered motor Volvo.

The house is equipped with everything necessary for a long comfort. There's a living room, bedroom, dining room and bathroom inside the trailer.

The main " fiction " of this unusual dwelling is the panoramic roof and a convenient launge-zone. The living room has comfortable couches, a bar for cocktail preparation, a cool drink refrigerator, a wine closet and a TV.

In the kitchen, there is an insulated oven integrated into the kitchen garnitary of the barn surface and the ice production apparatus.

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