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11:00 to 20:00 (Every day) We'll be late if necessary.

Integrated cycling tariffs by season

  • Cycle diagnostics
  • Moika (inflatable)
  • Front switch setting
  • Rear switch setting
  • Front brake setting
  • Rear brake adjustment
  • Truck
  • Chain lubrication
  • Front brake flow
  • Rear brake flow
  • Spin length and removal of eight rear wheels
  • Speed length and removal of the eighth of the front wheel
  • Rotors ' right
  • Cycle length
  • Smash of trousers and shirts
  • Castet cleaners/dry from dirt and old lubricants
  • Clean chain from dirt and old lubricant

2,500 shirts.

For all bicycles

      900 shirts.

      A mountain bicycle with depreciation on both wheels, as opposed to a chardteil that has depreciation of only the front wheel.

      If the depreciation of the front wheel is a fork similar to the chardteel, the type of rear wheel suspension is very large. Practically every producer tries to come up with a type of suspension (from licensing problems). But in fact, they are often limited to two types:

      • Four-fucking suspensions. Classic example of the suspension of Giant and Specialized bicycles.
      • One-stop suspensions. Known as Moto suspensions.

      It's like a bicycle frame with no rear suspension. A cycle with this type of frame can be fitted with both rigid (intensive speed and reduced weight of the cycle) and depreciation (incremental passability and comfort when travelling on a non-region surface) fork.

      That bike is an integral part of cycling. Modern integrated technical services are often divided into several types - the reason for this is the varying degree of deterioration of bicycle components, some components are subject to heavy loads, and access from the outside environment (such as water, dirt, sand...) and we smashed the LT species into convenient for you, as for example, there is no need to enter the cart and cycling through a year of operation, but there is a need to lock in the wheel. And our mechanics will diagnose free of charge and determine the malfunction of your loyal friend.

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