Дом на колесах своими руками

Dom On Wheels With His Hands

Фургон, превращённый в домMany wish to go all the way around the world, but this dream requires a lot of money. It could take his whole life to make the necessary money. British Mike Hudson didn't wait for maturity and decided to look at the world with his young eyes until he was shattered by various stereotypes.

In 2013, Mike quit his job and bought an old Ebay van. With his direct hands, the British turned the van into a comfortable house on the wheels. To date, a British man has already visited Spain, France, Portugal, Hungary, Romania and a number of other countries with his home. In January 2015, he plans to reach Tunisia.

Myka's house is equipped with solar batteries that provide refrigerator, laptop, telephone, music centre, fan, water pump and lighting. In addition, the house on wheels has a 70-litre water reservoir used for domestic purposes and a gas cylinder.

Обустройство фургона Туалет в фургоне Кухонные принадлежности в фургоне Рабочее место в фургоне

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