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Dom On The Wheels With His Hands

We have long wanted to test the People ' s Bus Paz-3205. Since Soviet times, the main consumers of PAZ-3205 have been villagers, who have been taken from remote villages to district centres on these buses. Various modifications to PAZ-3205 are widely used for the transport of construction workers, factories, oil and gas development wachts. In the small towns of the Pasiki, as they were called to the people, they work on buses. Even after the polar circle, they found use. And they recently learned another " profession " , a route taxi in major cities. So PAZ-3205 is a popular and really public bus. What are the buses of the Pavlov factory?

Many of our readers may have surprised the question raised -- the " pasiki " has long been coming off the door, and many clients have been exploiting them for years. And why test buses that everyone already knows? I could have said yes, but...

Six years ago, we were getting close to meeting two "paziks" -- diesel and petrol. The cars were new, smelling paint and practically running. The problem with them was, like, a lot, a head went round. For example, during manoeuvres on rotary loops, the dynamometric line of the polygon in one of the buses fell from the side window (more than glass itself). One of the buses was poorly portrayed with KP transmissions, and one of the gears we never got on. The outer mirrors were poorly attached and deviated from vibration. In short, six years ago, the defects were even removed. So I wanted to see if there was a change in public buses in the better direction or not?

So the editorial tests were carried out by three Pavlovian buses: PAZ-32053 with a petrol engine ZMZ-5234.10, a run of 27,000 km; PAZ-32053-07 with a diesel engine MH-245.7, a run of 28,000 km and PAZ-4234 with an extended chassis, increased capacity, more powerful diesel engine MS-2.

The better manufacture of bodies was immediately seen. If six years ago, even inside the salon, welded rusty stitches were visible, all stitches were well cooked, treated with dirt and painted today at the pavlovy bus bodies. The ventilation hatches close tightly and water during the rain does not pass unlike the buses of six years ago. The glass on the corners doesn't fall out of the stack. In general, the quality of the assembly and the colouring of the body has become better in a few ways. In fact, the body is now undergoing special anti-corrosion treatment, including the filling of hidden beds by the Dinitrol, which provides a six-year-old plant guarantee against cross-corrosion. Well, there's progress...

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