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Home On The Wheels Of Mercedes Actros

The Xaxoa GmbH base company has begun to receive a luxury " wheel house " Magellano Edition 1. It would not seem to be a good thing to say: the producers of such technology are many. United States firms, Fleetwood, Winnebago, Thor and others, are particularly visible in large formats.

However, large motors are usually built either on special chassis or on buses from a factory with no internal equipment. Such " slopes " (bodyshells) are produced by many busers, and the largest (Prevost, MCI) have a special place in the production programme.

Magellano Edition 1 is a principled distinction that it refers to the rare type of motors built on heavy trucks. It is based on the two-axis Mercedes-Benz Actros 1842 with the Gigaspace cab. The first two digits of the index indicate a total mass of 18 tonnes and the third and fourth indicate a maximum power of 12, 7 l: 421 l.s.

The calibre of the Mercedesian chassis - 6, 1 m, the overall length of the engine - 10, 6 m, width - 2, 5 m, height - 3, 99 m. Two sections may be added in the parking lots of a 50 mm thick sandwich plate, increasing the veil spaces for the estimated 6-8 inhabitants.

Their services include 750 litres of clean water and 850 litres of contaminated water, a large kitchen (250 l) of refrigeration, a two-way gas stove and a microwave, toilet and shower, two air conditioners, a heater working from a diesel generator and even a small garage for scooter or cycling.

For entertainment, the Bose audio system, two TVs with 32 and 40 inches, a parabolic telethenne and antenna for wireless Internet. For safety, an outside chamber with an angle of 180 degrees, a gas analyzer and fire-fighting equipment.

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