Немного фото с Off-Road Show - Автогид - автомобили на дороге и вне

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They will be suitable for use as route taxi and can compete with imported commercial equipment that the capital authorities so love.

The GAS team brought the International Busworld Russia bus salon from 25 to 27 October to the Crocus Expo, new models of the next generation ' s route minibuses. This is already a ready 17-place GASel Next microbus built on a whole-neutral van and a more appropriate forward-looking model, a carcass microbus designed to transport 22 passengers. The serial production of the 17-place bus will begin in November this year, the second bus is still in the test phase.

Gazel Next's microbus looks fresh and modern, he's comfortable, functional and has the best value of 1 million,410,000 roubles in his class. The bus is designed for the transport of 17 passengers (16 seated and one standing). The tall (190 cm) and the panoramic salon enables passengers to travel comfortably, while the sliding door with the electric drive and the high door, combined with the underground, makes the entrance and exit comfortable. The salon is in the light-earned tone and is wearing a formed ABS plastic.

Microbuses will be produced with three types of engines: diesel, gasoline and gas and gas. The model presented at the exhibition is equipped with an EvoTech 2, 7 LPG gas fuel gas engine operating on liquefied hydrocarbon gas, which provides low ownership and high fuel economy. The vehicle refrigerated gas refrigerator shall heat the gas mixture and optimum engine operation at low temperatures. Engine power is 107 l.s. on petrol and 104 l.s. on gas fuel. Petrol tank volume - 80 litres, volume of two gas cylinders - 87 litres, petrol and gas range - more than 1050 km.

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