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Салон Chevrolet TahoeAnton Chuikin is answering the question " Is there a TV in it? " .

The American-American leave stereotypical is quite awkward: to load in its Chevy all that might be needed for comfort time on nature, to strap the boat and to go to the Great Lakes. And let's have something more than enough. The correct answer to the question in the heading would therefore be " And the fridge! " There he is, in the central box.


If your boat, quadrocycle, potatoes (stressed) weigh with a trailer less than 750 kg, boldly chain them to your car and on your way.Классический американский рычаг АКП Heavy trailer (up to 3,500 kg) rights E to B will not fit every vehicle at all. " The tacho " will attract such weight, and even greater (officially 3,900 kg), but in order not to enter into legal details, will stop on a light trailer.

In fact, the only thing that needs to be remembered when riding with the Hvost is the rules of the way back. You want the trailer to take the right, drive left, and vice versa.Chevrolet Tahoe - вид сзади By the way, a big trailer is more comfortable in this case, the last one can't be seen in the mirrors, so it's time to spin the head, looking in the rear window, and it's a central display with a picture of the camera.

More specifically, the movement of the 3-ton 420-powered Tahoe is not affected by an addition of 750 kg. Unless there's a noise, more accurately, banging the sides of the cart and knocking the porcelain in his square nest. It's a little tense, though such a simple scattering makes it very easy to install a porcelain.

There's a brake control unit for the heavy trailer, and a retrieval control system and a trigger. And for everyone, the transient from the American 7-shot dim to the European 13-shot.

Yes, and the special mode of transmission, with smooth and unfavourable switches that activate the button in the cake of the classic American lever under the wheel.

And for a trailer, there's a downed row in a transmission that can get the boat out of the water. I can't imagine when he might still need six, a 2-litre motor with a torque of 610 Nm.

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