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Trail A Mini House On Wheels

The way to the mini-dome. Someone wants to be an architect, designer and designer, someone's attracted to reveal the talent of a master to all hands, and someone just needs their own home. The third group is a young couple from America, Robert and Samantha, who decided with your hands. To build a house on the wheels.


Robert and I love to travel, so when we decided to get married to our own apartment, the choice went to mobile homes. Of course you can buy a trailer or a real house on wheels, but it's not our option. It's costly, and we don't need it. Especially since we have a car, so we decided to get a sleeve and do it on our own.

Apart from the love of travel, another incentive to build a mini-home has been the unwillingness of young people to enter into debts, to take mortgages or credit for the construction of a large house. It's healthy to think that instead of renting an apartment (Samanta says it's better to throw money on the wind) to build a small, but home.

Without a lot of building experience, young people have been squatted. The test was as follows: a well-sustained " whole-weather " house with all the conveniences that fits into a large trailer.

Mobility is one of the main points of our project. The size of the cabin is therefore limited to the dimensions of the trailer (one-time base) authorized to tow on public roads. Thus, We immediately received an approximate length, width and height of the future building.

Robert and Samantha did not want to make a very small house, so they wrote the building to the maximum permissible dimensions: 2.6 m in width, 4 m in height and about 8 m in length. Then we started internal planning. For that, Samantha was on the floor to the natural value of all the housewives - kitchen, storage, living room.

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