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Trail The House On Wheels In The White Wheels

The journey on the vehicle has many advantages. This is an opportunity to change the route at any time and to stop in any place of convenience, independence from the schedule of passenger trains.

However, there are also shortcomings. First of all, they are linked to the fact that, despite the considerable freedom of movement to travel on a personal vehicle, you are somehow linked to the road infrastructure. It's not about gas, it's about motels, hotels, hospitality. And if the last one can still be peaceful, then sleep in the car all the time traveling, it's not the best solution. Especially if you travel to a big company.

However, the opportunity to make a journey on a vehicle as comfortable as possible has long been known. It's like you've already figured out the name of the material, the home on the wheels is a home or a camper, and the trailers.


There are several types of automobile. Housing minivans are the simplest of them. They are created on the basis of serial minibuses (mostly Mercedes-Benz Vito and Volkswagen T-seria), without serious interference in their design. The living compartment is built right in the body of the minibus. Sometimes, in order to increase the inner space, they are lifted with soft sidewalls (e.g. VW T4 Westfalia). Typically, these designs are designed for the comfort night of two adults. They usually do not have plumbing and plumbing, and the kitchen, if present, is very small, so they are not designed for long journeys away from civilization.

More comfortable conditions provide semi-integrated automobile. They are built on the chassis of light commercial trucks (Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Ford Transit et al.). The cab is reported directly to the housing unit, which is designed to cover the night of 4 to 5. You can meet a plumber and a plumbing and even a shower cab. The kitchen in such cars is already full of vehicle classes.

Alcohol cars are more appropriate than the previous type. Alcoh is a sleeping bay over a cab, designed for one or two people. In general, the capacity of such vehicles can reach 7-8 persons. Alcohol type automobile is also built on the chassis of light commercial trucks. However, the cabin is not always connected to a residential compartment, which also includes a sanitar, shower, plumbing, a kitchen with a refrigerator.

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