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How Much Is The House On Mercedes Wheels

Fiat prepared a full drive home based on the Ducato commercial van. The premiere of the car will be held at the German exhibition Caravan Salon on cars for the camp. The event will open on 29 August in Dusseldorf.

The base was a long-distance van equipped with 2, 3 litre quadcylinders with a capacity of 150 l.s. (350 Nm) and a mechanic. " On the wheels " from Fiat differs from the other versions of the car at first glance - the car received a special two-coloured colour of the body and a large number of additional equipment.

In Ducato Expedition 4x4 there were several companies specializing in different fields. For example, Olmedo provided the car with a swan, protection of the bottom and luggage on the roof, transformed into a 2, 7 metre review platform, Tecnoform experts upgraded the interior of the van, and Dangel engineers designed a full drive system. In particular, the vehicle was equipped with an inter-isy self-locking differential with a Visoft and a rear high-friction differential.

In addition, the van received an increased roadblock, an extended ring and extra-road tyres of 275/45 R16. A multimedia system, two mobile screens are installed in the vehicle salon

The manufacturer has not yet planned to launch Ducato Expedition 4x4 into the series - the demonstration of the car at the thematic exhibition will allow Fita to examine the demand for such a car. We note that the Doucato baseline is a popular platform for the construction of " home on wheels " in Europe.

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