Газель Мотохата - Жизнь на колесах

Gas-Based Wheelhouse

Автодом на базе ГАЗели NEXT


The GAS Group represents two new vehicles for tourism and recreation: a GAS Next-based home and a Sobol 4x4 version.

The automobile is built on a two-dimensional Gazelle Next chassis and has a mobile side section. This gives additional space, which was previously unavailable in vehicles of this class. The car is designed to transport and rest seven people, equipped with air conditioning, gas heater, biotaole, washing, shower cable, gas plate with extraction, refrigeration and microwave.gaz_dom_1_ Double plastic glazing keeps warm in the house even during winter trips.


A full-fledged bedroom, kitchen and the dining area with the necessary furniture were established in the cartridge. The entire length of the vehicle is a oxidized tent that will protect the sun and the rain.

The correspondent, Zulm. RF, said that there would be approximately 4 million roubles on the wheels. The refinement of Gazelle is handled by a United States firm that sends a base car to the United States, where it is equipped with a living module, after which it is returned to Russia.

The " Box 4x4 " is connected with a complete drive that reduces the transmission blocked by the differentiation of the Eaton rear bridge and is designed to travel on the high road, with four crews. The car has a trunk on the roof, a staircase, an extra set of headlamps, a foot and steps to enter the salon.

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