Mercedes Benz выпустил дом на колесах для кочевников :: Авто

Bus Of Mercedes House On Wheels

3707a785dc01853512cacfb262179c12d803efebThe Austrian company Marchi Mobile allegedly sold the most expensive house in history on wheels. An unnamed client from Dubai paid for a camper called EleMMent Palazzo $3 million. BoldRide reports.

A double-deck vehicle with a length of more than 12 metres and an area of 323 square metres, which the manufacturer calls a palace on wheels, has boxes in the body of pure gold. The cabinet for a better review is located on the second longline. Car mass is 20 tons.

Inside EleMMent Palazzo, there is a recreational zone with the possibility of becoming a bar, which takes place after a special button is pressed. In addition, there is a cocktail room with couches, a bedroom with a 40-inch TV, an audio system and a bathroom.

There's a terrace on the roof. The equipment of the vehicle includes the heating of the floor, the fireplace, the coffee machine, the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the ice-producing device and the water-spray system.

The vehicle is equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine that develops 510 horsepower and automatic transmission. EleMMent Palazzo is capable of caring up to 150 kilometres per hour.

Previously, Icon F1 Limited converted the 2009 Formula-1 Motorium to Jenson Button as a seven-star hotel. The bus area was 46, 5 square metres. Inside, he's skin-headed, and the crane and valves in the bathroom are made of gold. One night in the hotel will cost $13,000. The rental cost provides for the service of the waiter ' s crew and the selection of the meals prepared by Chief Michelin.

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