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How To Choose A Home On Trailer Wheels


Sales and lease of " movable real property " (wheel house)
The trailer is developing and has recently become very popular,
common and profitable.
The diversity of the trailer-delivery market can be classified according to three groups.
First substantive group single-axle trailers with 10 to 15 m2 housing. Their market share is 75%.
Second Group - two-axle trailers, so-called " large movable "
Real estate, 15 to 22 m2, their market share is
About 12%, it's interesting to note that they're the ones that use the most.
The popularity of the resting and travelers.

The third group is small-scale trailers for owners of small machines,
fishermen and hunters. The market share of this group is not more than 15 per cent.
The following factors influence the pricing of the trailer market:

First is seasonality. Purchase of trailer delivery is often impulse,
I don't think so. Many potential buyers, by virtue of their own
mentality, thinking about rest only with the first warm
Spring days. sellers also respond to demand adequately and raise demand
cost of mobile cars on the secondary market since mid-April
By mid-September, an average of 15-25 per cent.
That leads to what
value of 3 - 5-year-old b/ on a sales car
Europe by a private person approaching the cost of a new
The second is that supply in the market is growing at the end of the vacation season, while demand is growing rapidly with the beginning of the season, like
They say in the people, "help the summer..." and the trailer is better to buy.
In winter.
Third aspect of pricing -
This is the presence on the secondary market of re-established and re-established
after the accident or beginning to rot the caravans and, accordingly,
" forwarded " additional options, which results in

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