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Little Trailer

ВертолетMy house is my trailer! The idea of building a wooden house came to the head of Americans, not from a good life, and not even from wanting to pry in front of the rest of humanity. We all have occasionally watched with interest the hurricanes and the tornados that are going over the U.S. territory, leaving behind terrible destruction. But the difference is, we all watch it on TV. And some Americans are close to the center of events. And when we look at the hurricane and finish the morning coffee, we go to work, they get out of hiding and go see what's left of their homes, palaces, barn and cars. And when there's nothing left, it's very difficult not only to start materially, but also to psychologically reconstruct what's served you for years, and then suddenly it's gone in seconds. And perhaps that's why some people prefer to start houses that can be moved quickly to a safe place with themselves. These houses look real outside. A little smaller, sometimes a few dozen times.

When Gregory Johnson says he lives in a tiny house, he doesn't make any sense. The length of the house is three meters, the width is two. But there's a bed, a bathroom, a dining room and a kitchen. "As part of a vacation, people like to take off little cozy cabinets, but no one wants to live in them for life. As for me, I try to imagine that my life is a total vacation. And my house is very helpful, and Johnson says.

ЖурналThe huge advantage of this house is that the view from the window can be changed every day - the wheels allow it to be transported to the shore at any time or, for the counter, to the edge of the dump. Anyway, Greg doesn't like the moves very much, and his house is almost always in the back of his parents' house. It has electricity and plumbing, but Greg doesn't use it. He takes his soul in the morning at work, and he uses a flashlight to read at night. However, a laptop can also be inserted which is carefully charged at work.

Don't think Johnson's a psycho and a sheep. He once had a very human home, but it was gone in 2005 after a notorious hurricane Katrina. And then Johnson went a few thousand miles from the coast to the north, but there's no rush to build anything capital. Instead, he joined the Young House Amateur Society, based on an artist and architect of Jay Shepher. Jay built a tiny house in 1997 and then founded Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. The firm sells ready cabinets on the wheels under the key or drawings of these docks (7) for those who want to do it on their own. The small house amateur society has 200 members yet, but the list is constantly growing.

Дом на прицепеThere are many members of society who are obsessed with nature conservation, even after the nature has awakened and deprived them of all real property. Small houses are therefore built exclusively from clean materials. And their owners are constantly inspired by the fact that the heating of such a house requires much less coal, which means that combustion products in the atmosphere will also be significantly lower.

The architect Julie Martin also suffered from Hurricane Katrina. This woman had the oldest house all over the Gulf of Mexico, which was built in 1787. And Julie's family business was just about rebuilding old buildings. After Katrina, most of these buildings just vanished from the face of the earth, so Julie lost not only the dwelling but also the business. For the first four months, she lived on a cruise ship leased for refugees by a charitable organization, and then ordered Shepherd's little one. home on wheels and joined his community. Julie loved her new house very much, but as an architect with a lot of experience, she wanted to make some changes.

As a result, they, together with Shepher, developed a special model of a house of 12 square metres, with a wing, a porcelain sink and other elements making it even more cozy and even less similar to a trailer. Besides, there's a shower and a big wallcase in the house, which Juli's idea can also serve the bedrooms. The model liked the buyers, and Julie got a license from Shepherd for her production and implementation under Martin House-To-Go's own brand.

Дом на прицепе Дом на прицепе
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