Как сделать дом на колесах своими руками за $150!

How To Make A House On Wheels With Your Hands

Luke Davis from Oswego, Illinois, spent a year and a half and $300,000 to turn a rusty school bus into a fancy house on wheels for the whole family. The house was not only convenient but reliable: Luke and his wife and little daughter had already visited 31 States in their style trailer, marking more than 35,000 kilometres.
Public transport will not be called a stunning means of movement. But it can be done if you add skill and ageing. 18 months and $300,000 spent Luke Davis from Oswego, Illinois to turn the old school bus into a stunning travel trailer equipped with the last word of equipment. Now for Luke, his wife Rachel and Charlotte's daughter, the former bus is a full house where they live all the time.
Шикарный дом на колесах из школьного автобуса - своими руками! Without work, 28-year-old Luke was dreaming of budgetary travel with his family, but they didn't have enough money to travel. And then Luke purchased only $4000 old and rusty school bus, deciding to make a real house on wheels. To that end, he had to redo everything-- completely change the interior, remodel the frame and lift the ceiling by almost half.

Today, the former school bus turned into a simple and cozy house with a fully equipped kitchen and a firewood fireplace. Luke's roof is full of solar panels that supply electricity to a trailer: it can be about two weeks in its own energy reserves.

Spiritus, stoves, sinks, in the kitchen, there's everything necessary to run the house.
Interpreter at home on wheels - Not only stylish, but also comfortable, there's everything here, from petty carmashes to room planting.
It's nice to have a real wooden fire in winter nights. And additional heat in the cold weather.
The table is small, but there's enough for a family of three people.
At first, it seemed like a completely insane idea, one of the things that can only be dreamed of, but impossible to do, writes Luke in his blog. But the longer we talked about it, the way the home of our dreams, which will give us freedom, seemed more real."
In Luke ' s profession, a plumbing plumbing, but during the construction of a flat on wheels, he had to learn a lot of related specialties. "I've been in possession of some of the skills necessary to set up a van - for example, a welder or a slender collector, but something had to be taken from virtually zero - for example, electrical work or solar battery installation."

Шикарный дом на колесах из школьного автобуса - своими руками! Шикарный дом на колесах из школьного автобуса - своими руками!

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