Газель 4х4 своими руками — Start open

Gazelle's House On Wheels With His Hands

Авто самоделки. Внедорожный туристический прицеп Navahi своими руками (рама) — ч.3Hello, everyone!
My name is Ruslan Highway, and I'm building a non-road house on wheels (trail, caravan) on which I'm about to travel. There's gonna be a full bed on my wheels, kitchen, shower, lunch, different household equipment. I promise there will be a lot of interesting construction. I'll be happy with your comments and questions. Every Monday and Thursday, I'm putting out a new video describing technology, materials, different and chaou. After a long stroke of choice of trailer manufacturers and a type of suspension, I stopped at the Below City Company of the Bagem trailers. In contrast to other producers, Bagem trailers I don't think I've got a stupid set of European producers.
The trailer was made exactly the size of the line. I'm here in a complete set of uniforms. It took no more than half an hour. All the holes in the holes came up with a seal. Given my refinements in the frame, the frame to date is 200x350 and according to the trailer manufacturer ' s OTTA, the Bagem is not a change in the design that needs to be redesigned. All my refinements are legal and agreed with Bagem's management. The frame is standing Gaza Stripnot the European manufacturer. In the event of a breakdown, it is possible to plant in any village or to buy a new one in any small town of Russia and a nearby burial. Yeah, they're bigger than the Europeans, more important than budget and repair.
In the experience, the cargo trailer has a gas carrier. The chain has been operating for about five years. The trailer was often overloaded, i.e., loaded more than a ton, resulting in a little overflow, but adding another leaf, it was forgotten.
Amortizers cost too. from Gaza
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