Дом на колесах» на базе Mercedes-Benz V-Class доступен для заказа

New Mercedes House On Wheels

28b2386f5a30a2910b93beb7deb6c38c850aab03Mercedes-Benz presented a V-Class model modification at the Caravan Salon exhibition by Caravan Salon Employers in Düsseldorf, which was turned into a " home on wheels " and was named after the famous traveller Marco Polo. The novel was prepared in conjunction with Westfalia, which, prior to the beginning of the 2000s, when it went under the control of Damler, built travel vehicles at the Volkswagen base. It's the Mercedes-Benz-Passion portal.

The aggregate length of the novel is 5, 14 metres, 1, 98 metres high and the radius of turn is 11, 8 metres. Minivan's got a striped wood floor, a secular atmospheric lighting of the salon, a folding table, a small clothing closet, turning 180 degrees of chair and mini-kun.

The kitchen equipment consists of two gas, sink, refrigerator, a wastewater tank and a 38-litre water compartment. The last two, according to the manufacturer, are protected from the cold and the liquid in them will not freeze to less than 20 degrees Celsius.

The rear chair may be transformed into a double bed of 2, 03x1, 13 metre with an electric drive. Two more bedrooms are in the upper compartment, which is formed after the electric pneumatic transmission of the roof made of a reinforced glass fibre plastic. On the side of the second floor, the vehicle will be sewn with waterproof tissue.

In addition, equipmentat home on wheels" comprises two chairs and a table intended for use outside the vehicle. As an option for a camper, a rear-view camera, a light-blower, a round-screen system, a dead zone control and a non-voluntary cross-section of a complete marking line may be ordered.

Modification Marco Polo is proposed with three diles 2.2 with 136 (330 Nm), 163 (380 Nm) and 190 (440 Nm) horsepower. The engines are aggregated with a seven-step automatic gearbox.

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