построить дом на колесах своими руками

How To Build A House On Wheels With Your Hands

TitleHow to be happy and lead a more economical and conscious lifestyle? Alec Lisefsky found a solution and built the house with his hands. His area is very small, about 15 m2, 6 metres long, 2 5 metres wide. The house is on the platform with the wheels, so it can be moved from place to place. Alec himself lives in the house, his girlfriend Andjali and Anja's dog.

TitleAlec's main task was to build a very small, but functional home. A small space, according to the master, allows for a more simple and effective way of life. There's no place to store extra things and little space to hide from the outside world and stay at home, which encourages more time to be in nature and meet friends.

In addition, such housing saves, and consequently spends less time on work (Alek, a web director).Title You don't have to take credit, pay rent--- in Alec's last apartment only heating about $100 a month.

There's a small living room at the entrance: there's a couch, a working and dinner table. The walls are in the fields of books. Alec designed the house himself and performed almost all his construction work.

TitleThere were 10 windows in such a small house, and the front door was glass: this house doesn't seem too small, and the internal space is connected to the environment.

The forest upstairs leads to the bedroom.

There's a place to store clothing.

A little further to the living room is a sink, refrigeration and gas plate with two cones. Now. home on wheels is located in the city of Sebastopol in California, in the territory of the usual house, which provides water and electricity. In the future, when the house is moved to a more permanent location, Alec plans to make solar batteries and a water collection system to address the problem of access to communications.

There's a shower in the bathroom, a little sink and a toilet. There's also a washing machine in the house. The energy-saving conjector is being warmed up.

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