Как из газели сделать дом на колесах

How Do You Make A House On Wheels

We built our own automobile production and sold them at competitive prices. By ordering us, you will acquire a businessman directly from the manufacturer and appreciate the many benefits of such cooperation:

  • Possibility of buying home that meets domestic and budgetary requirements

We're making residential vans - home on wheels - for different chassis stamps. A large selection of modifications increases the possibilities of finding optimum capacity, comfort and the cost of campers. You can purchase one of the model models or use the ordering service if you have special requirements for the automobile.

If you want to buy a cheap, but a comfortable house on the wheels, Gazelle can be a great option. This model ' s chassis optimizes practicality and functionality with low cost and low operating costs.

  • Additional maintenance and installation of vans

So that you don't waste time and effort to find companies that do repair and repair vans in Moscow, we offer integrated services. Our technicians will quickly install the car you have chosen on the chassis, and remove the malfunctions and malfunctions if they occur in service.

  • Quality assurance

By carefully controlling production, by carefully selecting materials and components for automobile production, we produce reliable long-term designs. Confirming the quality of the campers is our producer guarantee.

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