Дом на колесах своими руками - инструкция и обустройство!

Gazelle Moved Under The Wheels

Guy from N. Novgorod of Gazeli made a home on wheels.

This guy's name is Igor Hrisans. He's from Lower Novgorod, and he's long been dreaming of creating his home on the wheels. He's the founder of the PODzilla company that produces at home on wheels Gazelle or Sobol. He bought himself the first automobile produced by his own company for 399,000 roubles and Sobol's most accessible full-scale stocking for 600,000 roubles.

He travels in this house all over Russia as soon as there's a little free time.
" Travel on a home is a completely different level of freedom and satisfaction with his life. " , Igor speaks.
"As early, long ago, we moved the vans and drove them. Then we took over the idea of building a home on the wheels so as to be safe and cheap. ”
Seeing what we prefer in Russia, there's no possibility, the market is not yet formed. At home on wheels in Russia, it's mostly a duck from Europe. New automobile units of the imported production of a unit and no Russian production.
We've been discussing for a long time what a real Russian car should be. That is the conclusion we have reached:
In Russia, the road needs a solid, warm, universal, simple, reliable design and the most important thing to be cheap.

How to combine these qualities, and so that people like it is a real challenge.
We've decided on all the points of order:

1. First question on Russian roads. Strength. Where's the weakness of the automobile? The answer in the junctions and stitches, there may be, at the junctures, the import of equipment on another Russian bracket may occur, and this is the case.
So we have to get rid of the juice. We make a whole-formed monocox, no stitches, no leaks, no weak spots, simple and reliable design.

2. Second question: warm. It's warm in Europe. Not in Russia. The main heat loss occurs through the windshield and metal in the carcas and hull. Metal also gives bridges of cold and condensate. Condensate's gonna make the automobile cheese, and then there's a glacier and rot. Even a wooden carcass gives a condensate under an internal stitch.

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