Дом на колесах для картингиста на базе Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - Луидор

House On The Wheels Of Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz презентует дом на колёсах Marco Polo HORIZONMercedes-Benz presents the house on the wheels of Marco Polo HORIZON during a specialized exhibition. The car shell is painted in the bright colour of the " red hyacint " , it is equipped with a black radiator bar, shredded glass and salon for five people with couch and chairs.

The Caravan Salon 2017 mobile houses will be displayed from 26.08.17 to 03.09.17 in German Dusseldorf. The exhibition will present a novel from Mercedes-Benz, a house on Marco Polo HORIZON. The foundation for its creation was the luxury minivan Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

The car shell is painted in the bright colour of the " red hyacinth " , the glass is thinned. The Diseners have developed a " night package " , including a black radiator bar, a set of side mirrors and wheels. Inside the machine, a furniture set of two separate chairs and a three-bed couch is located, the salon is for five guests. It is possible to pay separately for the re-formation of the salon in the seven-place. The salon may be in a wooden or leather style.

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