Кемпер из буханки

How To Put A House On Gai Wheels

Paradoxically, as soon as it comes to the procedure for the purchase and sale of a car, a lot of people are running around printing a uniform contract form and, without reading, signing it, naively believing that their main mission was completed, and the " legal armor " is no longer going to do anything but will not even wear a bullet. But if the contract was as easy as making eggs, would the courts be overloaded?

As a matter of fact, before your hand reaches the " print " button, it is necessary to build a good foundation first, and then to build a roof. We'll study all the nuances in detail.

On 15 October 2013, Order No. 605 of 7 August 2013 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the approval of the Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the submission of a public service for the registration of motor vehicles and their trailers entered into force.

The document made significant changes in the registration of vehicles in GHBD when they are sold between individuals.

The main innovations resulting from this law are the renunciation of the requirement to remove the vehicle from the registration records prior to sale. In other words, the owner of a motor vehicle, a motorcycle or a trailer may sell a vehicle under the contract of sale without contacting the GyBD or obtaining the registration plates " TRANZIT " .

Under the new regulation, a registered vehicle is not deregistered in principle, only when it is delivered to the duck or sent abroad. The rest of the time, the car's on someone, either the old one or the new owner.

Only if the owner decides to retain the previous State registration plates of the car being sold will it be necessary to establish them for a new car. In this case, the GIBD will adopt the old State registration plates and issue new ones that the owner will set for the car sold. The old labels will be stored in the GyBD within 180 days and will be available during this period for installation on a new vehicle.

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