прицеп своими руками

Trail The House On The Wheels Of Catherineburg

The Ural Kupava SAR is a wide range of trailers and trailers that can be used for both trade and tourism. For Russia, the Coopava trailers have long ceased to be a novel because they have been successfully used for over 20 years. In large and small cities, these compact and mobile Cupava trailers are used primarily for trade and catering, and can be seen almost everywhere on urban streets.

Tourism and active life fans are very familiar with the compact and front-line trailers of Kupava. The range includes both small trailers and full-fledged conveniences on wheels that will be perfectly suited to travel to large companies and long journeys. The comfort and comfort of this at home on wheels It's grieving because it's got everything to do: a compact bedroom, a kitchen, a stove, a shower, a toilet. You don't have to break up with habits and conveniences, even long trips. Vehicles equipped with dental facilities and other functional specialized services, such as toilets, which can be accommodated in different locations, are represented in the range of ergonomical and functional trailers.

How to purchase Cupava universal trailers at the best price and without additional risks? In order to do so, we need to be contacted by telephone, with particular attention to the availability of additional service after purchase, in this case, replacement of spare parts or minor repairs will not be a problem and will take a minimum of time.

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