Автодом, дом на колесах, прицеп-дача Adria Aviva 350L. Подробный

Drive Home On Esterel Wheels

Freedom, mobility and mass of new impressions in Europe - rent by a car operator on wheels or trailers and create unforgettable moments with those you love! The most up-to-date information and advice for automobile campers: Europaways, free parks in Europe, blogs of travellers - all at KEMPER CLUBE!

Lease trailer-day. It's 990 roubles a day.

The advantage of the trailer is that when you come to auto-camping or to any place of rest, you take off the caravan and, at any time, you can go to big cities, European capitals or wildlife. 4 local trailers which can be transported by a small vehicle (sufficiently ordinary B). Gas kits, heating, kitchen modules (frigerant, gasplate, sink) and biotaylene. You come to Lithuania with your machines, take the trailer and eat to Europe without a headache of documents, insurance.

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Article about free camper camps in France

Rental of automobile. Trucking campers in Lithuania and Europe is the price of 3,900 roubles per day.

To travel in Europe with comfort, you will be able to travel with our campers because the passengers can really feel like home and take all the necessary, even their cup of coffee. The addition of the home on the wheels is the possibility of having the entire company in the salon while moving. You'll be free, no dependent on the hotels and every night where you want to be!

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Kemper or trailer-delivery is the dream of any traveller. To ride with the veteran on its own route on excellent European roads. It doesn't depend on the tour operator's schedule, don't tie to hotels, what's better? The pleasure of such a trip is incomparable, and the journey will cost less than a normal tour. Especially if you rent a trailer or a camper in Lithuania!

When you get to the Adventure, you can rent a trailer-delivery or a camper and continue the journey completely complete for the road. You'll get a real home on wheels, where you'll feel comfortable anywhere, any minute of travel.

Pribalism is a magical corner of Europe, where you will find many amazingly beautiful places. The Baltic Sea, the vice shores of lakes, well-built daisies in rural areas - the beauty of the Baltic nature will leave no one indifferent. Rental of cartridges and campers will help you see real Lithuania!

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