Самый дорогой дом на колесах от Луиджи Колани

Road Home On Wheels

Самый дорогой дом на колесах от Луиджи Колани. ФотоThe most expensive home on wheels, Elemment Palazzo, was created by a famous Austrian company Marchi Mobile, which assessed its masterpiece of $3 million.

The engineers who were developing this concept used and took into account not only the latest developments in the automobile, but also the characteristics of air, auto and yacht sports. There's a tranny on the wheels like a business-class plane, an exhaust system of a sports car and an open space like a motor boat roof.

Elemment Palazzo is also very extravagant: modern forms and minimism are combined with classic and old design elements, which will provide a memorable environment.

The designer of the project, the German designer Luigi Kolani, followed the concept of bio-disaster in the design of the design, which increased fuel efficiency only through an unusual aerodynamic hull.

The double-deck lux mobile house weighs 20 tons, has a length of 12 m, a height of 4, 11 m and is divided into several sectors. Sky Lounge is located on the first floor and serves as a recreational zone, with massage chairs, a parked heated floor and a mobile bar that opens with a single button. The second floor may be equipped in three options, depending on the model chosen by the customer.

Marchi Mobile offers the commissioning of three versions of Elemment: “Palazzo” for travel and recreation, “VIP shuttle” for business trips and “Visione” for travel exhibitions. Each mobile house will be suited to individual customer preferences and tastes. However, the mandatory elements include luxury separation materials, parked floors, panoramic roof over the whole length, a high-rise chair, and a high-end movable mechanism on the upper deck, allowing for an increase of 80 per cent of the mobile mansion in the parking space.

As an entrance to Elemment Palazzo, a suitable lifting path is used. The mobile house consists of a big luxury bedroom with a tropical shower lounge lounge, guest sand, a 40-inch plasma TV, a mini-kill, a living room and a driver's cab with a bunk bed. All done in a single style, from furniture to plumbing. The list of conveniences also includes mobile Internet, satellite television and active fireplace.

Самый дорогой дом на колесах от Луиджи Колани. Фото Самый дорогой дом на колесах от Луиджи Колани. Фото Самый дорогой дом на колесах от Луиджи Колани. Фото

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