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Drive Home On Wheels

Drivers with category "B," "C" or "D" driving permits can operate a light trailer. For category " B " , a trailer may only be used if its permissible maximum mass does not exceed the mass of the vehicle in running order and the maximum permissible mass of the vehicle and trailer does not exceed 3,500 kg. Otherwise, as well as for the towing of a heavy trailer, the opening of the category " E " driving permit is required.

The light trailer is a full-fledged road user, like other vehicles, and the inaccurate installation and use of a light trailer may pose a threat not only to the driver but also to other road users. Therefore, the law provides for the mandatory operation of a trailer only with motor vehicles equipped with specialized traction and coupling devices (farcopes) and braces.

For the use of the trailer, an improvement is required - the installation of an additional electrical connection for lighting devices (gabarity, cornering and stop lamps) of the trailer.

Also for the purpose of general safety on the road, it is established that, in the case of a exceedance of the dimensions of the trailer above the width of the vehicle acting as a tractor in that convoy (e.g. trailer--direction or trailerThe tractor must have rear-view mirrors on the long curtains. And the general rule for all trailers, whatever size and mass they are, is the requirement to have a couple of clipboards on the road to be placed under the wheel in case of a stop on the gradient.

The trailer may be used with practically any vehicle if the permissible maximum mass of the trailer does not exceed the mass of the vehicle in running order of category " B " . With regard to the trailer unit, a porcelain, it can be technically placed on any vehicle.

The fuel consumption of the trailer shall be increased by approximately 10~20%, sometimes more depending on the power of the vehicle and the mass of the trailer and the clicked.

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