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Transmission Of Trailer To Home On Wheels

Goofy wrote: "Hello, Dim, I look active with the parish at your parish," alive!

The topics were interesting for me, that's it. And while I don't plan to create a bottle, I just want to help people where I can, hoping that others, and I turn to the engineering of our community, I don't think it's hard to help the people who do so useful things to them. (Well, we'll just say, for those who don't understand what it's worth - I'll personally explain nothing, so rust on the tank and go on)
To date, there has been a situation in which all of us, specialists in each case, are reading pseudently pseudent articles, which have been fed up in many ways. It's annoying. Moreover, militant ignorance has become truly dangerous. All I understand is, but let's separate the seeds from the pit and learn not only not to override a few naive questions from those who have undertaken some big project that requires knowledge in different fields of science and technology, but also to learn to sacrifice some of our "interest" time to help people, I believe you will all be rewarded.

So stop flushing, let's go!

In my previous post, I tried to explain that:
1. Make a simple wall warming, which will not be cold, practically impossible because of thickness, about 25 cm thick.
2. It is almost difficult to comfort a wall that will not sweat in the strong colds - about 15 cm thickness
3. The use of water-capable contaminants cannot be applied, such a compression will negate any body.

I'll add what I forgot to write yesterday - that soft, in the form of vat, warmers, can't be used because of the duck, it's gonna be down very soon, and the top's gonna be naked.

Let's go to the question we love, what do we do? I'll tell you, I'll choose the option I'll write down.

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