Дом на колесах из пазика своими руками — Start open

The House On The Wheels From The Pasik With Its Hands

Как сделать баню на колесах своими руками — паримся в любом месте и в любое времяBanja and fishing with friends at the same time, in the same place, fantastic? No, reality-- thanks to our website, you're gonna have a handwriting bath on wheels, you're gonna have a photo of your friends' rest now! The idea of creating such a ferry has appeared relatively recently in Russia, and now in many large cities, there are beautiful beer and vein cars, which, in fact, take only a lot of bathing procedures so bassously that no couple would want. So why don't you build a miracle on the precinct that can be used as fixed at the usual time, and from the occasion to the occasion to put a car on the road and go with friends to a fabulous vacation anywhere - at least 100 kilometres? Or to re-model your old truck under the steamer (this is our own instructions) and sometimes relive your car to neighbors and acquaintances for a pleasant fee. Such an interesting and profitable business.

A good car can even compare to a normal walker: a tent with a password-generator is a tent with a co-generator, and nothing else. There's no special comfort in her, and it's no secret. Here's a mobile bath on the wheels, full with a real stone, a shower, a comfortable and a smell of natural wood, that's happiness.

What's interesting is that the pictures on the wheels on the network can be found most unusual in the truck and in the old bus or minibus, and that's not gonna be worse than traditional. You'll have to sweat in the process, of course, but your own wheel bath will be a real pride for you.

So, the bath on the wheels is with our hands under our website.

Phase I. Design

Варианты внутренней планировки автобаниThe first thing to do is paint a future bath. That is, to create a hand-written sketch or, if possible, to design a vehicle in a special programme to assess the proportionality of its construction and to accurately determine the size of construction materials. The wheel axle loads, the total weight of the building, the required kiln capacity, will need to be taken into account.

Thus, the bath in the course of movement on Russian roads is naturally pumped, and it must therefore be well designed by the centres of gravity, the ceiling and the kiln. They're not going to let the whole structure fall apart. And the opposite of these centers is a sex bar and a seizure.

Виды бань на колесах Проект автобани Автобаня Интерьер мобильной бани

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