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Household Trailers 750 Kg

The car trailer market is very diverse in Europe and Russia. Irrespective of the role of a model, each country has its characteristics and bias. In Italy, for example, tourist cabinets dominate the wheels, transport platforms dominate Poland and commercial models dominate German demand. According to statistics, our country has the largest mass - specialized trailers, and this explains a lot.

Europe is not a decree.

Amazing, however, the fact that, according to the 2009 figures, 900,000 new road trailers were sold at a total mass of 750-3500 kg in the European Union with a population of 500 million (excluding the Baltic and Scandinavia States). Of these, almost 750,000 were general-purpose on-board trailers. Approximately 100,000 meals in this number are tourism models (house on wheels, trailers, tube trailers). Up to 50,000 ed. - Specialized models for the delivery of diesel power plants, small and medium utility equipment, mini-excavators, on-board rollers, road marking machines. This includes vehicle and motorcycle transport platforms, planetary, boat trailers, horse and animal transport vans.
About half of these trailers are produced with brakes and without them. Virtually all new models have a small mass, solid metal design and good anti-corrosion protection. And since light road trailers are not designed for beauty, but for the most advantageous practical use, most of them have a silver view - it looks like aluminium treated with hot zinc.

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