Теплые, крепкие скандинавские прицепы дачи шведской компании KABE

Trailer Trailers

Жилой вагон4-person housing trailer

Trailer for comfort of 4 people

Trailer for recreation and travel

PG 4033 trailer

Kupava 820000

Trailing the Kupava 813310

Trailer of Kupava 813300

Прицеп-дача 813400Cupava IAZ 4370


Fiat Ducato Road with Kupava truck 379140

(similar terms are a living trailer, a home on wheels, trailer-delivery, trailer-plate trailer, trailer, transformer trailer, Road- a specialized trailer that enhances the capacity of cars. By means of a living trailer, the transport of all goods becomes easy and convenient and the living and recreation of nature is more comfortable and cozy.

The trailer is an additional trunk. In it, you can place all the tourist equipment and the necessary stuff. Living trailers are used as mobile premises, for example, for the temporary stay of brigades serving remotely located facilities.

Туристический прицепHaving your home on the wheels, you can enjoy the time spent away from the city's loom and forget the many problems that arise in nature and in places where infrastructure is completely lacking. Such problems include: lack of clean drinking water, electricity, showers, full recreation, etc.

Living and tourist trailers include all necessary human life. Depending on the model, the kit may consist of a biotalet and shower sanitary, a sink and stove kitchen, a refrigerator, bedrooms, clean drinking water tanks, anteroids, cargo compartments, etc.

Any car will be suitable to move a travel trailer. Small trailers up to 750 kg are used without special " E " driving.

With solid experience and considerable work over more than 20 years, the company Mir Kupawa I've taken the best part in the construction of trailers and Cupava bodies. The enterprise has a full cycle of house production on wheels, commercial trailers, motorboats, trade kiosks, promulgation and insulated vans, etc. Trailers may be manufactured individually in a non-standard kit.

Жилой прицеп ПЖ-4033 Прицеп-палатка 820000 Прицеп-дача 813300 Дом на колесах МАЗ 4370

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