Ford Transits The House On Wheels With His Hands

Although the basis of the European wheel house market is full-fledged campers, the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2013 is limited to them, a clear case cannot. Because there's a small automobile, castenwagens and caravans. But if the last demand falls inexorably, the first ones, on the other hand, are becoming more popular every year!

Last year, we noted that many producers on wheels draw attention to the housing minivans and castenwagens, the compact houses on the wheels established in the body of the vans. They offer a minimum of large dining rooms or sanusles, but such machines are relatively accessible and can be used even in day-to-day operation as the only car in the family. And barely the best specimen is the fresh Ford Transit Custom, on which New Westfalia Nugget and Reimo Trio Style were presented in Dusseldorf. The Ford itself is marked by the fact that the Custom model with the Custom compact old Transit (now this commercial series is divided into several lines) with VW Transporter. Because it's hard to build full-fledged houses on wheels, so it's best for a "simply" Transit chassis that will be available in Europe from next year.

Reimo (upst) and Westfalia at Ford Transit Custom base seem effective, no dispute--

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