Дом на колесах для картингиста на базе Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - Луидор

Place On Wheels Based On Mercedes

It's a Mercedes-Benz wheelhouse. It also has a cargo compartment divided into two halfs. In the passenger compartment, a mini-kilometre containing appliances, table, seat, television and sleeping space is steep. The specificity of the model is “North comfort” of the salon, where the temperature inside the vehicle is better maintained.

Instruction4x2 (old)
Active securityABS, ASR, ESP
suspensionEnhanced front and rear rolling stability stabilizers
gearboxmechanical, 6-stage, CAT lever on the front panel

Body, salon:
● Body insulation
∙ Increased warming of the whole " North comfort " van
• Protection of the engine cartel
∙ Petleys and curtains for 2,700 rear doors
:: Passenger salon: oCombinated passenger compartment: side panels and ceiling panels - composite aluminium panes, decorated eco-coups; windows, movable door from the inside are cosars
o Storage partition between passenger and cargo salons and subdivided under the Venge tree
oPhallic on cargo salon depth 1, 8 m with combined folding: lateral and ceiling panels - composite aluminium sandwich spaniel, decorated eco-coup; base-polog - carpet
o Shts on windows, in the sleeping compartment and the driver ' s cab
o The acoustic shelf in the partition between the driver ' s and passenger compartments, behind the driver ' s seat, decked

∙ Gruze salon:
● Co-binated discharge of the cargo lounge of plywood and reefle aluminium.
∙ Card lift

Pupils and legs:
∙ Passenger salon entrance threshold with lighting

Half passenger compartment:
● Paul without a podium.
● Navigational, antistatical and non-sliding surface.

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