93. Дом на колесах УАЗ [Супер тачки] - YouTube

The House On The Wheels With Its Hands

УАЗ-кемпер для путешественников 452, авто, буханка, дом на колесах, кемпер, уазThe Glory of the UAZBuhanki went far beyond the former USSR. All over the world, she's been praised for inappropriateness and passivity, but they're fighting for low comfort. It's a pity not everyone knows that the Bukanoks make great houses on wheels.

This year ' s serial production of UAZ-452 is fifty years old. Despite such a solid age of the model, OAZ enthusiasmists are all over the world today. In Japan, for example, the movement associated with the Tunning of LAW is actively developing. Bukankees receive design shoes, low landing, strong technical refinements in Japan ' s best traditions. But most of the overseas readers at UAZ-452 were in Italy. In the homeland, Ferrari and Lamborghini were sold in two options: with a Soviet engine and with a 78 ls Peugeot dile.УАЗ-кемпер для путешественников 452, авто, буханка, дом на колесах, кемпер, уаз The greatest demand was the light trucks with the French engine. And it's the unoccupied UAZ-452 vans, mostly turned into houses on wheels. I wonder if this Italian attraction wasn't limited to a couple or three improvised ones. OAZand it was flowing. Special hotels were opened in which Bukankees were transferred to the campers almost serially.

Athel Schieppati offered LAZ-452 in two options, Adventure Camper and more expensive Safari. Both ceilings were raised at 40 centimeters, with a glassplastic roof. Inside, a kitchen with a stove, a sink and a fridge was built. Schiepatti was even installed in biota.УАЗ-кемпер для путешественников 452, авто, буханка, дом на колесах, кемпер, уаз The machine was designed to make four or five people comfortable. In 1983, one of these UAZs went to the Sahara competition, where he competed with similar Renault and Iveco and held a certain victory on all parameters.

Grand Erg gave the Italians Buchanku in Thule and Tundra modifications. The first was manufactured at the cargo SAR 452D. The cargo (now living) module provided improved thermal and noise insulation, complete kitchen and shower. Tundra was designed for more cold regions. In the eighties, the Marthorelli brothers, the main enthusiasts of the UAZ in all the Mediterranean, even carried out an expedition to Iceland. In this journey, the Tundra C.O. traveled without a little 25,000 kilometres.

УАЗ-кемпер для путешественников 452, авто, буханка, дом на колесах, кемпер, уаз УАЗ-кемпер для путешественников 452, авто, буханка, дом на колесах, кемпер, уаз УАЗ-кемпер для путешественников 452, авто, буханка, дом на колесах, кемпер, уаз УАЗ-кемпер для путешественников 452, авто, буханка, дом на колесах, кемпер, уаз

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