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House On The Wheels Of The Garden

On 20 February, an exhibition of Travel 2014 opened in Moscow. The scale is not Moscow modest: one room in the second pavilion of the Exhibition Centre Crocus-Expo and four dozen participants. The Hot Exhibition of the same days. Fishing. Rest seemed richer. And the Ekchen restricted the only way to travel on the dealers and off-road cars on the pavilion site, where there were obstacles to off-road. Compared to last year, it's not a big deal. Anyway, seeing what was still on...

The mobile fleet of non-road obstacles was located on the site before the exhibition pavilion and was available for the test drive. The unprepared driver continued to have untransmitted feelings. It should be noted, however, that virtually all of them will be overcome not only on the SUV, but even on the Hundai, Renault and Toyota crossovers.

Whoever wanted to see some super-popers everywhere with the size of anthraxtic expedition monsters or extravagant drivers (by type of snacks, for example) is likely to be disappointed: nothing like this time on the Road. But the major exhibits were still present. For example, refined off-roads and large Zaokean pick-ups, which were not only 5 metres long, but 6 metres long.

A full-size American pickup truck (ford F-150) can also be used as a cruise vehicle with an equipped housing module in the body and a huge trunk on the roof.

Almost all of them are unique. But there's really something new lover Tunning SUVs here won't be able to see: the technology for the refinement, and the equipment shown in most of them is known to jipers and travelers.

Swans, chai jeks, chains of adversity, light technology... It's not a big route, but it was also present at the exhibition.

But still to see the living, for example, the big camper house from the Ukrainian city of Chercassa, based on a full-fledged MAN TGM truck, please, always interesting.

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