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Rolling Of Houses On Wheels

Mobile houses on wheels are vehicles that are equipped with everything necessary for a smooth journey. Because of multifunctionality, they are used for both family recreation and business trips. Modern houses on wheels allow us to travel with comfort without attaching to a certain place of residence.

German houses on wheels have several advantages:

  • Beautiful sewer and an exquisite European housing design.
  • Cargonomicity and convenience of all furniture.
  • The last word of equipment, kitchen.
  • Compact plumbing.
  • A variety of additional options and accessories.
  • The European quality is manifested in any element of the product.
  • The vehicle has excellent dynamic properties and excellent operating characteristics.

Houses on wheels, photos and prices

Our catalogue presents an impressive variety of models. The client is able to choose a new house based on his own preferences, but each of them will be guaranteed maximum comfort and convenience during the trip.

If you want to go on a trip with comfort, you don't have to buy a carkemper. You can rent it on very good terms. Traveling to a mobile house will give you unforgettable romantic feelings, without compromising time.

Where to order?

The house on the wheels is quite simple in Moscow. Call the phone and report your preferences. Professionals will find the best model based on customer wishes, price and size. There is a Burstner office in the capital.

The house on the wheels will also not be a special job. In St. Petersburg, a representative of a well-known Burstner company is located. Our experts will tell us all the benefits of the product and recommend the perfect option.

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