Самые шикарные дома на колёсах. Обсуждение на LiveInternet

Nice Houses On Wheels

Blog by saharin: дом на колесах: Дом на колесахTwo Frilancer Chris, a photographer and Melissa, a 3d animator and a designer, created this beautiful and practical cabin on wheels not only for life and work, but also as a demonstration of their skills in design, construction, 3D simulations, photographs and, importantly, income from small houses.
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They built the house entirely on their own, except for the roofs.Blog by saharin: дом на колесах вид снаружи: Дом на колесах Here he's parked on a rented parking lot near Washington.
The 3d visualization skills really helped them. Melissa says:
"We designed and built a house from the plans I made at 3D. I'm a 3D artist, so it was a great way to visualize. Look at the house.before it is built.”
The professional photographer in the house was also very useful. It's one of the most carefully documented and beautifully presented projects of a small house on the wheels I've seen.Blog by saharin: проект дома на колесах: Дом на колесах That's why Chris used a super broad-angle object without which it's just impossible to take pictures of these things.
The kitchen and the bathroom are right down the hall, under the bedroom.
A bright kitchen with two big windows and two gas comforts on the kitchen surface.
The water is stored in a 40-litre tank. The water from the washinger goes to the sucker from which it goes out. They use natural soap to reduce environmental damage.
The soul is made of a wine barrel. Simple composteral toilet with the bucket and the opium.Blog by saharin: кухня дом на колесах: Дом на колесах There are better decisions, like this DryFlash dry toilet.
The living area is very simple, with this high ceiling. There's a warehouse table on the right under a big monitor.
Monsard windows increase space on the attic, they're probably a good vent in the summer.
It's all very compact and practical here: working space, folds of things under the couch. Maybe it's not too good to work so close to the fridge, though.

Blog by saharin: кухня дом на колесах: Дом на колесах Blog by saharin: душ туалет дом на колесах: Дом на колесах Blog by saharin: спальня в маленьком доме: Дом на колесах Blog by saharin: дом на колесах: Дом на колесах

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