Самый дорогой дом на колёсах в мире

Road Houses On Wheels

Дом на колесах для дачи: как быстро и дешево решить проблему комфорта?The desire not to have a fixed structure but to have a mobile housing is not only due to travel dreams. It's much easier. In summer, the owners of the suburbs are actually moving there and, of course, they're building their house, making it cozy. There's also a part of the property moving around, making the dowry comfortable. With the cold, many residents return to urban apartments, visiting summer houses from time to time to secure their property. Of course, if they had a fixed building instead. home on wheelsthe problem of winter travel and reliance would be much easier.

In fact, a mobile home on wheels is the variety of trailers designed and then constructed and designed to accommodate one or more persons under maximum comfort.

The basic installation of such a facility usually includes cooking, refrigeration, furniture and other items, without which a civilized person has become difficult to imagine.

The clear advantages of such a facility are:

  • it occupies a minimum of space at the site;
  • Special or complex care is not required;
  • It can be used not only for the day. It's convenient to take him on a trip so he doesn't find a temporary night and spend money on him: all the necessary property will always be under your hands.
  • The possibility of using a light vehicle to tow it to the parking area.

With regard to the last advantage, it should be clarified that the dimensions of the trailer-trailer should not exceed the following:

  • altitude 400 cm;
  • width - 255 cm;
  • length - 100 cm excluding part outside the trailer.

Contemporary designs for transport require special equipment and escorts. When it comes to bewed by a conventional car, it means it's a good home-trailer.

In western countries, home-based travel is a common practice. Our compatriots are just starting to learn a way of tourism.Прицеп-палатка But given the infinite simplicity of our homeland and its beauty, it can be assumed that the popularity of mobile designs will only grow from year to year.

Mobile housing is a design that can combine many functions. The honor of this truly genius invention belongs to specialists from America. For the first time, this conventional vehicle chassis was represented by Jennings in 1938.

With the development of science and technology, mobile homes are being expanded. Different models differ not only with dimensions but also with technical equipment, with internal separation quality.

Дом-трансформер Дом в разрезе Серый прицеп-палатка Прицеп-палатка внутри

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