Самые шикарные и дорогие дома на колесах

The Most Expensive Houses On Wheels

Самые дорогие дома на колесахThe most luxury houses on wheels.
It's gonna be hard to find someone who would refuse to go on a trip. However, it would also be difficult to find a person who would be willing to give up any “domestic” comfort. Fortunately, people have long come up with " home on wheels " , trailers and vans, which do not allow for a cruel compromise and depriv themselves, at least the most basic amenities, of traveling wildlife. Today, however, there are five such trailers, which would be appropriate to refer to a " wheel roller " .
1. Country Coach Prevost
A very expensive trailer.
To date, it's one of the most expensive houses on the wheels. He's worth about $1 million. Travellers will be comfortable furniture, entertainment center, a great bedroom, and even a working room. All other benefits, in the form of a kitchen and a bathroom, are also present.
Самые дорогие дома на колесах
There's a whole apartment.
2. Foretravel IH-45
A very big house.
Another bus thief, created by a company that has been developing luxury houses on wheels since 1967! Against the backdrop of the rest of these trailers, this house on the wheels is marked by unbelievable noise isolation and vibration suppression. Being inside will be hard to understand that the car is moving at all.
Unbelievable luxury.
Another feature of the house on wheels is its movable walls, which allow for a significant expansion of the internal space after a stop. This trailer is also the highest in its class. It's worth $1.3 million.
3. Prevost H3-45 VIP
Самые дорогие дома на колесах

A house with a size.
The kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the toilet, the recreational and entertainment zone, the desk, the storage room, all this is Prevost H3-45 VIP, valued at $1.6 million. This house on the wheels is the perfect means to move forward. He enters the top five houses on the wheels. The traveler's waiting for a removable wooden floor, luxury furniture and the most modern service.

Comfort and style.
4. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus
Got your own garage.
For $2.5 million, almost the most luxury house can be purchased on wheels from existing ones to date. You're in it, literally in every element! There's a crystal ceiling in the house. Furniture is separated by Italian perlamutumite skin (the world ' s greatest road) and silk.Самые дорогие дома на колесах The walls and floors are marbled! There are five big TVs in the house, as well as a gym. But it doesn't mean anything compared to the fact that this house has its own supercar garage on the wheels.
The luxury inside.
5. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo
The most expensive trailer.
The most luxury house on wheels that belongs to the lux class and is designed in Austria. The largest, one of the highest and most important, is the most functional home on the wheels. There's literally everything that the soul of a traveler might want. Strictly, this luxury trailer will give fore and many cheapest apartments! The warming of the floor, the dynamic climate control, the exclusive interior is just a small part of what this van will spoil. That car cost $3 million.

Самые дорогие дома на колесах Самые дорогие дома на колесах Самые дорогие дома на колесах Самые дорогие дома на колесах

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