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Can We Drive A House On Wheels

It was my dream, a house trip on wheels! It's a very popular thing in America and Europe, but it's not quite developed. Now I know why.

Don't even try to repeat it yourself. You are.

1 automobile, camper, yacht on wheels, as soon as they don't call these cars. Must be an incredibly convenient thing for travelers like me. You go, you look around, and you bring it with you. Any baggage. You can travel all family. You don't need to find a night and spend money on him. In reality, underwater rocks are a lot.

2 There is a whole apartment in a small room: a living room, a table and a couch, a kitchen, a sanusel, a few bedrooms. The first minus was discovered immediately: there was no air conditioner. And the windows open out, they're not allowed to do it, and the same thing with the hatches. Maybe it's a lack of a specific model of the camper, I don't know.

3 Mini Kitchen: refrigerator, gas plate and sink. There's a lot of shelves in which all the necessary ducks into it. There, behind, behind curtains, two sleeping shelves. I couldn't take a picture, too close. But it's a full single bed.

5 Yes, dream. When there's infrastructure on the way. All the resources of this microworld on the wheels are severely limited, and the journey can become a nightmare if you don't replenish and waste in time. It's like the boat, we've got to get wet in the marinas, connect to electricity, get water...

14 Finally, where to sleep? Yeah, in Russia, you can park in a yard to sleep, but that's not the best idea. There's another security issue. It's a smart way out, to be at the night by the parking lot. Even though outside the city, in nature, it's much nicer to be camped.

4 Туалет с душем. Всегда горячая вода, слив, кра-со-та! Да это же мечта!

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6 Дороги. Вот это, пожалуй, самая большая проблема. Кемпер едет не быстро, для него “крейсерские 7 Забудьте, мы в России. Если на легковушке небольшие кочки ещё “проглатываются” подвеской и задницей, в доме на колёсах всё ещё как чувствуется. А в пассажирском отсеке даже нет ремней безопасности, не предусмотрены: там же удобные диваны! 8 Не просто хреновый асфальт, а так ещё периодически большой трафик из грузовиков: скорость падает ещё больше, приходится плестись за ними.

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