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Камаз - дом на колесах дом на колесах, камаз"And now there may be a waterfall in my courtyard, tomorrow, the sea. Independence! There's even a motorcycle garage. And the furniture I do with my hands. I don't have to go anywhere, I can be anywhere, moving slowly across the country. When it's time to go somewhere, I'm telling the nearest city, they're getting a ticket. Flying for a day or two, flew in and moved on. Very convenient, I go to the airport, they say, "Taxy! Taxi! "What a taxi, I'm home! There's my house.”

Камаз - дом на колесах дом на колесах, камазKamaz-43118

There is a bullet, four large boxes for things, four batteries, two masses, a self-contained heater with a climate control WEBASTO-5.5 (calculated at 50 square metres), two wardrobe closets. Fresh lighting 24 volts.

Generator 2.2kv (220v) heating, pre-heating of the engine, heating the fuel tanks.

Motorcycle robbery, etc.

13 square metres.

All the furniture from the whole tree.

For round-trip housing in any climate.

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