100 Вагонов | «Нива» превратилась в дом на колесах

Niva Wheel House

In the forests of Lower Saxonia, the German car is challenged, by the words, the homeland of Volkswagen. Another people ' s car ный reincarnation of Soviet Niva, called Nivah Urban, was fighting for German minds and purses. The AutowaZ mission has not, at the very least, influenced economic attractiveness.

There are still protected sites in Germany, not affected by sanctions or by events of the past 30 years.

Rainer Dumikovski"I've bought myself four "Ladas!" Yeah, we're a little crazy!

The new Nivu could have been presented on a carsalon, but it would be more convenient for her fans to gather in the woods. There were 150 people coming from all over Europe. In the eyes of everyone, it's surprising that we're not alone. In the eyes of the AvovaZ chiefs, we'll win!

Boo Andersson, President of OAO AuttowaZ: " Porsche Cayenne, for example, will look like a elephant in this forest, and our new Niva is like a graceous leopard. "

When the Tolyattian leopard didn't start the first time, then the second one heard laughs. After the fifth attempt, the Swedish head of the Russian Auttovaza decided to retrieve, but the Luda fans believe in it until the last.

Not only does Niva Urban have a new name, she's got a new plastic bumper, electronic glass panes and a new instrument panel. That explains the developers, the suite.

Martin ZostaVice-President of the Avovaz OAO: " There is a button responsible for the ventilation that can be switched on, and can be switched off! There's lighting, butlers, oven. But the real suite is, with this car, the owner can go back to her roots, you know? What other car is that possible? "

No way, the automates agree. Build and screaming ства in every German's blood, but does Audi and Mercedes make it so simple for creativity.

Driver: " I'm driving at the '83 Ladah and fixing them myself. I'm reading! And that's great, but you're doing a screaming job!

Achim Berlich: " The more frequent break-ins, the closer you meet her, and you take all parts on the road! "

The thought, as we know, cannot be stopped. Garage shed: " Niva " , transformed by Germans into home on wheels

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