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Теардроп кемпер - дача на прицепеIn today ' s world, the subject of travel is becoming increasingly relevant. Boundaries are erased, we can cross several countries during one trip, traveling as a single space.

The world around us can be studied indefinitely by walking, cycling, plane or even exotic cruise train, with friends staying in hotels, hosts or apartments. But perhaps one of the most interesting and unusual ways is to travel with a cartoon.

This mode of movement may be interesting, and a traveller, and a newcomer, is well placed to provide for traditional comfort options and travel costs. It is not necessarily necessary to create such a mini house with his hands. You can make a camper for a professional company with a lot of experience in setting up auto-trailers. In the basic kit, this may cost the price of the usual travel by the two of us abroad, but it may well be the beginning of a whole lot of exciting trips with quite new impressions.

The current aerodynamic shape reduces air resistance when moving

The name of the trailer was from the word " tear " , tear.Название теардроп кемпера (teardrop camper) произошло от слова английского слова «tear», слеза The vehicle design splendid form is one of the characteristic features of the empire. It is not only a pleasant form, but it also has a good aerodynamic, reducing air resistance when moving and thus saving fuel. Competitive sizes, which may often be even less than the normal tourist tent, are nevertheless readily available within the trailer.

History Theardrop Camper.

Первые теардроп кемперы делались из фанеры и металлических профилей-лонжероновThe first co-moders were made from plywood and metal lengeron profiles

For the first time, these trailers became popular in the Americas of the 1930s, when the most famous mechanix and construction magazines, such as Mechanix Illustrated, etc., first published their drawings.

The first co-moders were 1, 2 m by 2, 4 m (4 per 8 feet) and were made from plywood and metal lengers. There was always a hooded body design. These houses on the wheels were popular around the 1960s, after which they almost disappeared. However, in the late 1990s, drawings became available on the Internet, and since then, the popularity of teardrop camper has steadily increased in the world.

Chemical engineering and materials

The design uses advanced computer technologies similar to those used in airlines

Teardrop camper - череда увлекательных поездок с совершенно новыми впечатлениями Впервые teardrop camper стали популярны в Америке 30-х годов ХХ века Дома на колесах, теардроп кемперы, были популярны примерно до 1960-х годов При строительстве teardrop кемперов используют самые современные технологии
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