Автодом ГАЗель (4х4). | Автодома, автокемперы на колесах

Half-Trailer Floor

CompanyMAZ Kupava"is one of the largest producers of tourism and recreational technology. Thanks to our products, you can be free! Now you will not be shy of any condition, staying away from home in fresh air, because in our cars, tour trailers and accommodation cars, you will find everything that is necessary for a modern man to live comfortably away from the city's wind: bedrooms, a dry zone with gas plates and sinks, a plumbing stew and a shower.

The production of the factory is highly competitive in the market with foreign equivalents. Tourism technology The Kupava is known for its reliability, the quality of the collection and the affordable price, which is in order below foreign similarities. Tourism from different countries has noted the practicality of our products. Houses on wheels are tailored to the specifics of use, so all Kupava campers and trailers are prepared for our climate.

We offer a large nomenclature of motorways, tourists and residential trailers. Kupawa for 2, 4 or more people. The entrance is carried out through a special convenient ladder. Furniture may be presented by a dressing cabinet, tables, beds, boots, etc. There are also punctures, refrigerator, washroom, oil radiator for heating, air conditioner.

At this time, not every person has a job that he does at all times in one place (e.g. factory, office or shop). There are people who have all their lives on mission who are always away from home. It is for the organizations that specialize in mobile travel for all possible mobile brigades that our enterprise has created a whole series of special accommodation equipment. All possible equipment and various furniture may be inside the accommodation trailers. Microclimate equipment. It may consist of two bedrooms, a hall and a tambura. Thanks to the tambura, a large part of the heat is saved in winter.

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