Дом на колесах» на базе Mercedes-Benz V-Class доступен для заказа

Mercedes Home On Wheels Photos

Image 5248Up to the half-loader remonta:
The task of the service was to make a car suitable for short-term but comfortable field accommodation from a conventional, freight van. The thing is, the son of the owner of this beautiful car is motocrossing. Young sportsmen often have to attend competitions in neighbouring areas and other regions. And since he was only seven years old, Dad decided to do it for his son. home on wheels♪ Of course, the father escorts his son to every competition as a coach and coach (and a driver and a cook and a mechanic). Our athletes need a house on the wheels, a place where you can rest and prepare for another race.

As a trail for tuning and retrieval, the ordinary Mercedes factory was chosen to transport a standard, commercial cargo in real life. But fate turned around, the half-loader was bought in the usual cars from people who didn't even know what to use the van. It was the most standard, basic set of semi-loaders - that's what they thought at the factory during the semi-loading.Image 5249 But this Mercedes was destined to transport unusual people, and they're far from the usual "grunts."

Installation of gas equipment: heating systems, water heating, gas plate. :

In order to feel comfortable in any weather, Master Garage-37 has done a heating in a half-load. For what, the gas boiler TRUMO-4E was put. The same cat cooks hot water for the shower cab. The water tank is autonomous, it's 200 litres. That's enough for a long time.

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Image 5249

Image 5250

Well, if you don't have enough water, it's always possible to fill it out of the nearest plumbing. To this end, an external, easily accessible, fast-to-reach cran was removed. Now you see the water-gas system hidden in the furniture shells. It is clear that, for reasons of comfort, no pipes outside are inappropriate. ♪

Image 5251

When they were talking about the comfort of having a stock of food, they put a "Dometic" refrigerator in the salon. The refrigerator is very difficult, as it can work on the gas, from the 220v network and from the 12v automotive battery.

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Well, let's just say, if it's not the main question, what kind of comfort do you have without good, delicious, home food? In Mercedes ' s internal salon, his masters provided a compact gas 2nd contour (also Dometic). There's a place near the dishwasher.

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