Mercedes Sprinter превратили в дом на колесах [фото] — АвтоМания

Home On Mercedes Spring

The German Hartmann Company has prepared a large-scale programme for the development of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter microbus. In fact, tuning turned Springer into a small house on wheels, with a big bed and a kitchen.

The key feature of the novel was the modular aluminium floor, which gave rise to " scales " in the salon, containing a 12-litre sink, a two-way stove, a small refrigerator and just a stack of things.

In addition, the salon has a table and two beds, which together form a sleeping room in the whole of Springer. Plus, the tuners set LED's interior light, an additional battery and a socket of 230 volts, and added noise modelling.

The modular floor also allows seating in the " loading " part of the minibus and the removal of virtually all new equipment. Thus, Springer is rapidly becoming a regular van.

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