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Фото: Full-value automobile differs from the " home-chain " (protective caravaning " with trailer " OK-Inform has already told) primarily what constitutes a single vehicle. The more comfortable travel on such a vehicle with a trailer, the hidden problems of this option, and, most importantly, whether there are domestic motorways that can compete with import taxes, have been dealt with by " extensive control "

Speed and passability

As you recall, the caravan-trailer is forbidden to transport passengers. But maybe at least a car house is allowed to drive by a "wacht" method: one driver behind the wheel, and the other one at that point falls behind his back? Alas, no. In most motorways, all passengers shall be in their chairs with seat belts, especially children. Children need special children's chairs, by the way, like all other cars.

His speed is the unconditional plus of the caravan. Additional restrictions are placed on the trailer: for example, in Russia, the maximum speed on conventional roads is 70 km/h, 90 km/h. The driver of the wheel-wheel drive may not wish to travel on the sign, his vehicle is nothing different from the standard minibus or minivan.

Although those who usually ride the lung should remember the dimensions. And it's not just restrictions on passage under an arc or a low balcony on a narrow European street. It's a big sail: the van will blow a strong wind, especially on a slippery and wet road. Therefore, there is a need to further reduce speed under unfavourable conditions rather than simply comply with the nominal speed mode. And, of course, the caravan has a way better than the caravan-trailer. Even the one who's built on the microbus, let's not mention the chassis of the SUV.

Do you need a second car?

The main minus of the caravan is that when you arrive at a specialized camping (which is usually located in the suburb) you can't leave your cabin and go to the tour of the city on the lamb. There are, however, urban campsites in some places: and small resorts in Pyarna and Druzkincai, and even in capitals, Helsinki, Vilnius.

Compact Doubleback VW Kemper is designed for the carriage of two (from three, depending on the seating position) passengers on one front row. And four people can sleep in it.

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