Тест драйв Крайслер Гранд Вояджер – настоящий дом на колесах

Driving Test On Wheels

Until recently, the idea of using a microbus as a family car could have come to mind unless the father of seven children living in polygamous marriage with several wives. But times change. ♪ ♪

Alexei Bondarev

Most of the " bottles " have always been dissorted, more suitable for the transport of man-to-competitive, and a complete lack of noise. And, of course, a dynamics that would make a blind elderly turtle.

Of course, there have always been primitive microbuses without the above-mentioned deficiencies. But the price of the question was so high that only oligars could afford them as a family car.

Fortunately, nothing is always under the moon. Including Busika. Models with a divine price and a set of characteristics that might interest a very demanding user have gradually emerged in the market.

Traditionally strong Frenchmen in the family segment were among the first to learn this direction. Instead of the old Citroen C8, who was loved in Europe and almost unknown to us, there was a microbus with a very pavocous name SpaceTourer.

Calling for the help of a wife, two children and a dog, I decided to see if the novel would benefit from the role of a family bush. That's what happened.

Citroen SpaceTourer is a 9-local minivan with a 2-litre turbocharger (150 ls), 6-stage automate.

One of the three options for the length of the body can be selected - 4, 6 m, 4, 95 m and 5, 3 m.

We've got an average version of the middle set on the test.

Citroen SpaceTourer prices are starting from Hrv 693,000.

In the Citroen SpaceTourer ' s perspective, it will be possible to purchase a full drive and a more powerful 180-powered engine.

But honestly, there's no need to complain about 150-strong diesel. In a couple with a 6-stage automate, it allows for a rather dynamic journey (preferably switched to manual mode and licked) with handrails. But it's hard for me to imagine who's gonna want to drive a high and heavy vehicle.

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