Переоборудование Фиата Дукато в жилой дом на колесах кемпер

The Wheelhouse With Its Hands

How to build a house with your hands? It's really simple! We've proved it at the opening of the "Colls." Everyone who wanted to see how the mobile houses were gathered, where the camping guests lived.

Our production of mobile homes has reached a new level. We have not only improved the internal space and the design of the housework, but also the technology itself. Now we can collect mobile homes on the ground, which reduces transport costs.

The first stage is the installation of a so-called carcasus from the walls and floors. The carcass was placed on a trailer where a mobile house could move on public roads. But there's a possibility of a simple metal frame.

The cell phone collection lasted seven hours. It's a little time to make a winter safe house.

The mobile house is manufactured as a fever. There's a whole village in the camp. Intrireally? And you can buy this house and take it with you.

The interrier inside is quite discreet, but all the elements are hamonically combined. There's three bedrooms in the cell phone. The couch is down. On the contrary, the closet and the table. As the size of the cabin is small - 3x2 m, there is an access door with a window and two turn-out windows.

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