Тест-драйв вездехода Шерп - Колеса.ру

House Test On Wheels

Дом на колесахI won't tell you to ride home on the wheels and feel a romantic of this kind of journey was my dream. But when it was possible to explore several regions of neighbouring Finland on a cartoon, I just couldn't say no. What about the car? Besides, it's for travel. Gathered a team in Sashi and Sergei and went!

There he is. In front of Ford, behind Hymer. In other words, the house itself, more specifically, its housing, the German company Hymer is one of the largest producers in this area. And the living part is on the Ford Transit platform with the diesel engine. That's how they cooperate.

1. Behind the cyclists. It's very literate, because you can't go anywhere on a car.

Дом на колесахNaturally, Ford is not the only company Hymer puts his modules on. In the parking lot, the company that rents these cars was a camper on the Fiat platform. There were also cars on the road with a funny front and a Hymer sildic, but I doubt that the car is made by Germans, most likely to be overwhelmed by Ford or his competitors.

Entering. The foot platform is being set up and removed by the engine to compress the button in the salon, without it, to get in the car uncomfortable, especially with things, it's still very high:

The switches are like home. The lower one serves to control the foot:

The couch is right across the entrance. 4 seating positions with seatbelts. This is all transformed into a two-bedroom bedroom. The staircase serves as a bridge, she's wearing pillows from the seat back and everything. Quick, but I won't say it's convenient. The tall man will lie with his feet. It's for the kids!

Дом на колесахStern view. On the left of the gas plate, covered by a white lid, next to the sink. Underneath the refrigerator, the canteen box, a small trash bucket closet and all the cleaning stuff. By the way, all the canteens and dishes are already in the car, placed in lockers and drawers, and you don't have to buy anything. Next, a locker, like clothing and personal stuff. On the right of the locker, entrance to the sanusle.

6. In the bag, a bottle of champagne from a rental place. Presentation : By the way, the rent of such a house on wheels in the office is about Euro130 a day. It's cheap or not... Watching the question. We'll talk about another post. For insurance: standard franchise of 600 euros. No other options.

We're looking into a sled. There's a big mirror here.

And the right of the soul corner:

Let's go. It's a far corner of the living area. As far as I'm concerned, it's not supposed to be sitting here, there's no belts, and it shaves this part on the inners of strength. On the ceiling of the hatch, there's another one at the entrance:

Дом на колесах Дом на колесах Дом на колесах Дом на колесах
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