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Trailers On Wheels

Adria, American Coach, Fleetwood

Wheel yachts are Russia ' s largest company for the sale and rental of cars to service and repair houses on the wheels of trailers.

The Yachts on Wheels Company, the largest motorbike station in Russia, which runs the brand dealer of ADRIA, is confidently taking the lead on the sale of motorways and accommodation trailers, has a well-deserved reputation of the professional team among our clients. We also provide a full range of home maintenance services, original car parts, tuning and installation of additional equipment for wheel houses.

The company ' s autopsies operate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Catherineburg, Gorn Altiske and Tumeni. ♪
All motorways and trailers have been certified and fully adapted for use in Russian conditions.
In the Yacht on Wheels, you can watch the home inside and outside, and get professional advice from our specialists.

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